"I have laid aside business, and gone'a fishing."Every pond or lake to be stocked is required to have a stocking permit from State Fish, Wildlife and Parks. This permit is good as long as you own the property but does not transfer with the sale of a property. The permit will list the species of fish which can be stocked.

If you already have a permit, just supply us with the number when you are placing your order. If you have ordered with us before we have this in our files and we are all set. If you can't locate your permit, it is easily found on line at http://fwp.mt.gov/fishing/pondSearch.html or by calling the FWP office listed below.


FWP Region # Phone Number

State wide info

---- 406-994-6355
Bozeman #3




406-751-4549 406-751-4550


406-542-5500 406-542-5511
Great Falls



Bob McFarland of the Bozeman office is the information person for the FWP. Another good contact is Karen Zackheim at 406-444-3301.

If you do not presently have a stocking permit you need to start the permit process by requesting a permit application from your nearest FWP office click http://fwp.mt.gov/fishing/license/ and download the application. This entails filing out a form and including a topographical map of your pond. Since 2002, the state also requires a copy of the water rights for your pond water. The days of just digging a hole for road gravel and filling it with fish are gone. Once submitted, the FWP will call you and schedule a site visit. Your local game warden will come to see if your pond is screened or otherwise separated from any other waterways. Fish escaping and accessing nearby streams or riversis a concern. This actually occurs more often than we think. Fish are programmed to spread their genes and if there is a way they will find it.

The permit process takes several months so plan ahead. Too many times we talk with people in May wanting to stock their ponds next week. Be sure your permit is in place. We have the size fish you need and a delivery can be scheduled. Give us a call if we can be of help with any of these details.

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